Member of the American Hereford Association

Our Hereford Cattle meet the requirements of quality set by the American Hereford Association:

  • Cattle must have a predominately (51%) whiteface and show white markings over the jaw, brow and gag. White markings on any part of the hip, shoulder or side of the body, for example, spots, stripes or belts are not satisfactory.
  • Cows must be strong red, strong dark or roan with a predominately whiteface. Whitefaced creatures that are yellow, dim, cocoa, spot, or smoke are ineligible.
  • Just guides and yearlings of English hamburger sort rearing under 30 months of age qualify — a creature communicating dairy or Bos indicus sort reproducing is not adequate.
  • To qualify, steers might be either horned or surveyed. Bulls, bullocks or cows are not adequate.