Why Buy Freezer Beef?

Purchasing freezer beef in mass for your cooler is an energizing speculation. You are ensuring yourself a consistent supply of high caliber and tasty freezer beef promptly accessible at your satisfaction for a small amount of the expense if you purchase beef at the store.

Our cooler meat is prepared locally at a family claimed, cattle farm in PA. Requests of a quarter, half, or an entire meat can be altered to your details.

There are a wide range of cuts accessible when you buy cooler hamburger. The most prevalent decisions incorporate 1″ thick bone in Ribeye and NY strip steaks, Sirloin steaks, 3# Chuck and Rump cooks, Rolled Sirloin and Rump broils, Brisket, Short Ribs, Flank steak, and obviously Hamburger. A fourth of hamburger will be a half of meat separated in two. That implies you get a blend from the front and back of the cow. Regardless you get the majority of the assortment a half of meat gives you, however in a littler amount. It is an incredible alternative for first time purchasers or littler families.